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Ruby developer H / F

Description du Poste

Trustpair is reshaping the way companies secure their payments. We have built the first solution that helps prevent wire transfer fraud, which costs $2.5 billion annually. Our clients gain efficiency and peace of mind.

Created three years ago, we are a team of 70 people working with large accounts such as Décathlon, Air Liquide and Bolloré. We are looking for talented people to help us tackle our next challenges !

Job Offer

Integrated into the Tech Team with experienced people, you will help to create a scalable and efficient product that meets the needs of our customers! With the rest of the team, you will work on various subjects such as design, architecture, development or even testing of the application.

We’re using SHAPE UP METHOD which allows you to work more efficiently :

🔥 You can take a part in innovation and creativity ;
🔥 5-week delivery cycle ;
🔥 Full responsibility, full leadership ;
🔥 Work from request to delivery ;
🔥 Resolving specks from scratch ;
🔥 Team progress tracked by task ;
🔥 Reflexion, Design Thinking, cross-functional work ;


  • Participate in the architectural reflections of an application in full scaling mode ;
  • Support a critical service for our customers to ensure the security of their payments ;
  • Challenge the product and the organization ;
  • Be proactive to improve the product and the organization of the team both on a functional and technical aspect ;
  • Organize and promote best practices : code review, TDD, pair programming, clean code, software craftsmanship …


  • Possibility to mentor and train junior and confirmed profiles ;
  • Projects in constant collaboration with the Data team, several technical stacks and languages ​​evolving together ;
  • 100% remote; the teams are dispatched in France



  • 5 years of experience in Ruby (Rails) development ;
  • Ability to conceive the technical design of a complex product feature ;
  • Experience on working on a rapidly growing product; knowledge of architectural models of large scale web applications ;
  • Experience in API development and knowledge of resilience, scalability and security constraints ;
  • Knowledge and application of sound testing, documentation, pairing and learning methodologies


  • Experience in an environment where security is important ; sensitivity to good security practices ;
  • Experience in a high-stakes environment, around data, paired with data engineers ;
  • Experience in mentoring and leadership of junior and experienced people for good practices of software craftsmanship